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back for all of this with this: >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> what if he did have a gun? does that give you the right to shoot him in the head? >> police can kill our kids? it's not fair. >> bill: another horrifying death this time a 14-year-old teenager armed with a gunshot down by police. we'll continue our reporting on why these things keep happening. >> i know the press likes to focus on body language and he has got that kind of slouch. looking like the bored kid in the back of the classroom. >> is that what you say to a pier? is that what you say to somebody you respect? >> bill: war of words between some conservatives and president obama over his description of vladimir putin. but is the president really wrong to call putin out? karl rove will answer that question.
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how i live, man. doing my thing. you know this is the way i want to live and i don't see anything changing. >> bill: that man wants to live on food stamps which he is getting even though he refuses to work. a fox news investigation that sem bare wassing the federal government. >> serious. awesome. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. huh i'm bill o'reilly. the thanks bore watching tonight. the issue dividing americans the subject of talking points memo. whether it's obama care, food stamp explosion, punishment of convicts or a myriad of other social issues, the big catch among americans is between those like me who believe in personal responsibility and self-reliance and those who
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will not make judgments on behavior and want the federal government to provide support and solace to those who cannot or will not compete in the american marketplace or obey the law. let's look at one very brutal and stark example of what you are talking about. 14-year-old troubled teen living in the troubled section of the bronx in new york city. kid being raised by single mother, no father around. had several arrests on his sheet including attempted murder and possession of a gun. he was allegedly part of a gun called the nine. a nickname of a gun and of his block. 3:00 a.m. on sunday morning, august 4th. police confronted the teenager who was shooting at a man in the street. according to the nypd he turned his fun towards the officers and was then shot dead. after the incident the boy's aunt said this. what if did he have a gun? does that give you right to should him in the head. >> police can shoot our
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kid? it's not fair. it's not fair for the police to be able to kill our kids. >> grief can cause people to say foolish things. that woman should get some slack for her comments. police officers are human beings. they have a right to protect themselves when someone is shooting a gun which the teenager did three times that night. sadly this terrible incident goes back to what talking points has been reporting. he was a victim of circumstances. that are not being confronted by american leadership or by the civil rights industry. no one to birth him out of wedlock. no one forced his cowardly father to ignore the boy. no outside entity allowed a 14-year-old to roam the streets at 3 in the morning. no one forced him to shoot a gun in the street. or to fail to heed the police warning. those were all personal decisions and society is not responsible for them. the boy was doomed by his
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parents who would not control him. no amount of tax money given to people who will make them responsible. no amount of hand wringing by the left will solve the problem. it must be solved one person at a time. until that message begins to get out, violence and hopelessness will continue to consume poor precincts and devastate families. as i have said, many many media and politicians don't care enough about the issue to be honest about it. the grievance industry is in it for the money and power. far left simply refuses to confront the basic problem because it does not fit their ideology. thus, nothing gets done. and racial divisions grow wider. last month in gulfport, florida, three black kids, all 15 years old, attacked a 13-year-old white boy on a school bus. >> about to beat this boy to death over here. please get somebody quick. there is nothing can i do. leave that boy alone! leave him alone.
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leave him a lone. >> you know y'all going to jail. y'all going to jail. >> the victim had a broken arm, multiple other injuries. a 15-year-old is charged with aggravated battery and will likely face an adult court. few national media even covered this because it was blacks attacking a white. in the wake of trayvon martin, it had been three white boys attacking a black, it would have been massive media coverage. so why the double standard? a politically correct and cowardly media is the answer to that question. by the way no, fair minded person, no fair minded person should believe that most black americans want to hurt whites. they don't. that bus attack was about three thugs beating up a kid who objected to their behavior. there is no evidence the crime is any more than that but there is plenty of evidence that the power structure in america doesn't want to help solve the dissolution of the traditional family which is the root, the root from which violence and personal failure grows.
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the teenager is another vivid example of that truth. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction from both the left and the right. up next is bernie goldberg who joins from you north carolina. and you say? >> i say that i agree with your analysis i would add one word to the conversation. tolerance which is a important word in the vocabulary. what distinguishes from conservatives who are intoll remember atlanta. as liberals became more and more tolerant of all the right things, like actual rights for everybody. they became indiscriminately tolerant. so by their silence they became tolerant of 15-year-old girls having babies. by their silence they became tolerant of boys and young men who abandon their children. they even became tolerant
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of violence in inner cities -- inner city neighborhoods of big cities by either down playing or flat out ignoring the violence in the the media are also tolerant because they don't want to cover these stories. tolerance is normally and usually a good thing but not always. not when we are are tolerant of destructional and destructive behavior and then who does it hurt, bill? not you, not me, but it hurts the very people that these tolerant liberals claim to care about the most. >> bill: well, and it also hurts the country though. >> yes, it >> bill: it's all coming down to the have and have notes. and when you look at the have notes, there is no one trying to solve their problem. this aunt that came on the air and not only did she say that the police didn't have a right to defend themselves from a 14-year-old and they didn't know how old he was. a guy in the street at 3:00
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in the morning shooting turning on them. any human being would have defended themselves. they don't have a right to do that. and she believes it she believes it this woman, you know, has been inculcated to the victimization. we're oppressed they are after us, they are gunning us down, ba ba ba ba ba ba. then you see the three black kids on the bus could have killed as the bus driver said the white kid, everybody ignores it ignores it totally. the situation is not being dealt with honestly, bernie. that is harming our country absolutely true. in the case of the aunt as you said, people, you know, in turmoil after something like this say foolish things. let's take that case on the bus. this was -- look, whether that was a racial attack or not, and i suspect that it was, just as i suspect that race had something to do with the trayvon martin
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situation. this was a great opportunity, not for an aunt or a mother or a brother buy for the civil right industry as you call it for al sharpton to say whether race had anything to do with this or not. we will not tolerate. this we, black people, will not tolerate this. >> bill: that would be bad for sharpton's business to do that i disagree with you on the racial motive. >> bill: i have got to make this point because it's important and it's in context, all right? and i will give you the last word. >> the fight was about this kid, this white kid, objecting to it the sale of drugs by these three black kids, okay? >> right. >> i think and he confronted him and said, look, i don't want this in my face, all right? and then they beat him up. i think if the kid had been black, they would have beat him up too. >> maybe. >> i don't think it was racial on this one. >> let me say, this id i'm gleg race had something to do with it any time three black kids beat up a white
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kid i am guessing race had something to do with it on the sharpton matter, he could have gained some credibility. >> bill: he doesn't care. he is talking to his people. he doesn't want credibility. he wants to be a demagogue. that's what he wants to be. >> he is he like the palestinians. he never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. and he missed it on that one. >> bill: bernie, he doesn't care. his rhetoric over the last month attacking me dishonestly and everything else has shown him for what he is he is a hustler. you know it, i know it. and everybody else knows it bernie goldberg. next on the rundown james carville will give his point of view why america will not tackle the race violence problem. attorney general eric holder says americans who sell hard drugs heroin and that kind of stuff are nonviolent offender, do you agree with
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>> bill: continuing with lead story race and violence in america. joining us from new orleans james carville. i was wondering what you thought of that aunt saying the cops had no right to shoot him. >> i will go further. that policeman based on what i know and research i did before i came on here and did this report actually was protecting the people in that community. this 14-year-old at 3:00 in the morning by the way if she wants to get mad at somebody, get mad at her sister or sister-in-law out on the street. shooting the gun at policeman and shoots at the policeman based on what i know the policeman was protecting the community in addition to himself. i don't have any problem. >> bill: you will never get the aunt to believe that it goes deeper and it goes into the heart of the liberal philosophy as i was saying to bernie. this is where i want to take you tonight. the haves and the have notes. the liberal philosophy is, all right, society has an obligation to help them.
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through obama care food stamps, entitles, whatever it may be. i submit to you the problems will never be solved no matter how many trillions of dollars you throw at them. unless the attitude can be changed. unless the boys mother, his aunt, his father, all of them somehow come to the realization that you have to raise the child. you have to supervise the child and support the child. and if you are not willing to do that don't have the child. until that happens, the haves and the have notes is going to be wider than ever before. you say? >> i say i think i'm a pretty good liberal and i have a lot of liberal friends and i hang out with them. i don't know a single one that condone a 13-year-old being on a streets shooting up people at 3:00 in the morning. >> wouldn't they acknowledge why he was there, again, acknowledge the problem of the collapse of the family in those precincts? >> first of all, there are a lot less of this going on in the last 20 years, violent crime in this
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country is down significantly. >> down but certain places. like chicago, like new orleans, like the bronx. >> crime is down in new orleans. bill, we have made some progress here. bill, i'm not defending in any way, shape or form a 14-year-old in the street at 3:00 in the morning shooting the street up. that's indefensible. i agree with you. >> bill: it's not fair to generalize all liberals. that's not right. buff why will i don't mean whether you have been reading the personal attacks on me in the last month and this guy don lemon from cnn who supported what i said. black anchorman over there vicious personal attacks. they are not, they, the far left doing these attacks are not ever going to acknowledge that it is the collapse of the traditional family and the african-american precincts the poorer precincts that have led to all of this. they will not acknowledge
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it. okay. and that means the problem is never going to be solved. >> well, actually, i think we are making some progress. not enough, 1996 i wrote a book it talked about the decline of two parent families. i certainly would like for my grandchildren to grow up in two parent families. i am heartened by the fact that the teen pregnancy rate is down in this country and down over a pretty long period of time. we have got to acknowledge that he we're making some progress. not sufficient progress but some progress. >> bill: it's the have notes that can't seem to rise above and that's where my reportage is directed. crime is and one of the reasons because of the tough prison sentences holder do this in the next segment from you doesn't want anymore. i'm fighting a losing battle i think here because the media is never going to get behind me and it's going to take the media to start to drive home what the root of the problem is
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in the poor chicago south side. the bronxs, the these which have devastated. this kid shouldn't be dead. this kid in the bronx. he had no parents, he is out at 3:00 in the morning, he had attempted murder on his sheet. is he running wild. and nobody is doing anything about it. nobody. >> we are in vigorous agreement on that. by the way, there is a lot of people and a lot of teachers and a lot of ed caforts, a lot of people that are, woulding hard day and night. a lot of 14-year-old kids in the bronx and harlem that are at home and studying and sleeping at 3:00 in the morning. >> bill: there are enough of them -- you can't. you have got to deal with the problem. not say there are good people. we all know there is good people. epidemic of murder in chicago that's not being dealt with. >> again, we have problems
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but we are making some progress. we need to acknowledge that okay? i like talking to you about it. >> bill: when they start acknowledging the root cause of all of this chaos. then i will acknowledge it but they won't. >> i did in 1996 i talked about it. >> bill: can you can write books, juan williams wrote a book on it responsible people do it. until the media and this rap industry, until they start and they are never going to start. it's too much money in it for them to start. directly ahead, attorney general holder as i said believes that people that sell hair win meth cocaine nonviolent. later, this dude surfer in california is on food stamps. wait until you hear what he has to say. upcome.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, many on the left in america believes that people who sell heroin, meth, cocaine, hard drugs are nonviolent offenders, so the guy who sold heroin to cory monteith, the actor that killed by an overdose a few weeks ago, well, the guy who sold it to him, just like a burglar, right? no difference at all, just a guy who took something. both are violent. attorney general holder said that the federal government will seek lesser punishment for retail drug dealers. >> this is why i have today mandated a modification of the justice department's charging policy so that certain low level, nonviolent drug offenders who have no ties to large scale organizations gangs no charged with dry conian mandatory mum mum sentences. joining us that you people
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who sell heroin. nonviolent. violent consequences because it kills people as in the monteith case that you just suggested. >> why is a nonviolent act if it has nonviolent consequences? >> peterson on the street with a gun poison. >> that's where we agree. nonviolent. >> bill: that's not violence to sell poison? >> not per se, not literally. >> bill: not literally? >> i think it has such pernicious impact on us all. can you construe as it violence. that's somewhat of a look sale and delivery of hard drugs always in this country since the 30's be considered a class a felony because it's a violent crime. because the person who sold cory machine teeth the heroin that killed him committed a violent act by putting the poison in monteith's hand and then he put it in his arm and now
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he is dead. that's a simple calculation. heroin deaths as you know are going up all over the united states. rehab centers are up to here. emergency rooms with objection i do -- oxycontin, all of that. you are telling me these thugs on the street deserve pity and slack. >> not that they deserve slack or pity. these people are criminals. i don't understand going back to your earlier conversation why the civil rights leaders don't have marches against these criminal drug dealers. >> bill: because that's not good for business either did i investigators attention from being. >> they are wrong headed and damaging our society. attorney general go ifhe there and give us bs these people shouldn't be punished to the full extent of the law. 200,000 federal criminals right now incarcerated. 100,000 a little might
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birth or mr. drug related. they're not pot smokers. they are not pill poppers. 50% bill, 50% of people in federal prison. that's crazy these people are there on drug offenses. >> bill: no, it's not. they are selling the hard stuff. >> no. here's the thing this they are a major cartel. >> bill: you it doesn't matter. you get the cartel too. you don't let these guys go around selling heroin and meth. you don't cut them slack. >> what if the kid has a drug problem? >> then you get the kid into rehab or lock him in the basement or do what you have to do. that's what parents doall about drug legalization. drug pushers used to be the worse, the lowest scum. now they are glorified on television, right?
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al pacino is playing one or johnny depp is playing one. and they are not all bad. see, they are scum. they are selling poison. >> they are destroying communities. they are destroying human beings. in the earlier conversation you were having with bill and jim carville, one of the things that gets lost is the people most afraid are other black people. >> you and i have agree to it a certain extent we have to get back. on this one holder just is wrong. >> crime is coming down because of these quote be unquote draconian penalties because you are taking the hard core off the street this is the thing about this conversation. i'm not saying you are wrong. mandatory sentencing is one factor. after 9/11 and the stimulus spending, the cops have more money for everything from cameras to
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surveillance to cameras and cell phone more cops on the street. >> bill: holder does not have a clue about what a violent crime is if he thinks that selling hard drugs is not a imcroovment if he thinks that he should resign tomorrow. >> i would agree with you on that. >> bill: food stamp scandal out of control as you know. surfers chases girls and dines on our dime. karl rove has some thoughts. we hope you
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>> bill: factor investigation tonight. food stamp scandal. right now 15% of the entire american population receiving food subsidies. in the year 2000. just 6% were getting those. some of those people are conning the system. last week fox news ran a one hour special on the food stamp situation. as part of that john roberts tracked down a surfer in california who was eating on the taxpayer's dime. >> the food stamp program was designed to be for a point in your life or you were, down and things weren't going well. it's not, quote, a point in your life. it's kind of like this is life for me this is how i live. cheap chicks.
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this is how i live. i have a paycheck coming in so i qualify. >> bill: joining us now from los angeles fox news editor at large peter boyar who also appeared in that food stamp report. what's the headline for you on the story, peter? >> hey, bill. i guess in a way the headline is the guy you just showed, jason surfer dude. if you have a federal program that has grown to be this huge, so rapidly that it costs $3 billion a year just to administer. just to hand out food stamps. a guy like jason the surfer dude in la jolla is also inevitable consequence. >> bill: when you have this kind of a situation where president obama has knocked out by executive order a lot of the work rules attached to food stamps and other entitlements.
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basically anybody can get them if they know how to game the system. there is no way this guy should be getting government assistance at all. he goes out and surfing ought day. chases women at night and plays his guitar. he doesn't care. why are we supporting this guy. >> i talked to jason today he had a message to you which i will convey to you when i get back to new york. >> bill: tell everybody, peter, what's his message to me. >> he said, listen, i'm living the rat life. you tell mr. o'reilly. he didn't say mister. if he doesn't like that, can he kiss my et cetera. >> bill: he is living the rat life. i agree with that is he a rat that's what he is your prince william premise is partly wrong in this reasonable doubt are a. is he not gaming the system. as far as jason is concerned, in fact, as far as the system is concerned, is he not gaming it. >> i will tell you why he is gaining -- gaming it, peter. is he making money off the books. i'm not going to make any accusation on national
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television but b. how he is making money. this guy is not just surviving on food stamps. is he making money rat life is not declaring. not claiming that money. might be illegal might be legal. this guy a parasite. my contention is the obama administration is encouraging parasites to come out and take as much as they can with no remorse and this is how a country declines. this is how we become a weak nation. >> there, bill, you have a very key point. i mean, president obama when he signed the stimulus bill. he wiped away the restrictions that required work and required at least that you be in a work-related program at least look. he wiped away those restrictions. the number of able body
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deed adults. like jason, not children, just able body deed. work able adults like jason has doubled in the last four years the number of people enrolled in the food stamp program. >> that is something you can lay on the door of president obama. >> bill: we appreciate it when we come right back, president obama insults russian president putin. some conservatives didn't like it but why. karl rove after these messages.
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>> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. as you may know president putin of russia insulted every single american by granting political asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. wants snowden stand trial for disseminating information. ignored request to send snowden back for trial. >> i don't have a bad personal relationship with putin when we have conversations, they are candid, they are blunt, oftentimes they are constructive. i know the press likes to focus on body language and got that kind of slouch, looking like the bored kid in the back of the classroom. >> well, some conservatives did not like the president's statement. >> the president comparing him to a kid in the back of
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the classroom i think is very indicative of the president's lack of appreciate of who vladimir putin is. >> the nicest thing he said about putin was hey, we don't have a bad relationship. yet, he called him the kid who slumps in the back of the room in a classroom. i mean, is that what you say to a pier? is that what you say to somebody you respect? >> bill: interesting question. but why would anybody respect vladimir putin? is he a human rights violater who has spit in the eye of america. why would you respect him? so i like what president obama said. i think it's accurate. putin is an immature and irresponsible leader. joining us now from austin, fox news analyst karl rove. am i wrong, mr. rove. >> you conflated two different criticisms of obama. frankly, senator mccain is probably closer in his view to you than you think he is. but let's take him and look at them separately. brad blakeman's point is if you are dealing with a pier, you don't want to be insulting the pier unnecessarily, vladimir putin is a prickly personality.
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and the president needs to deal with him as the president. and he was dealing with him in a news conference as it a pundit. he was falling back. he had good language at the beginning. constructive relationship candid and blunt and sometimes constructive. he should have stopped there instead, he had to say something that is gtion to cause putin to sort of say, you know, the president doesn't think well of me. >> bill: so what? >> i'm going to get back at him. >> already gotten back at him. i think the time for detente with putin is over. isn't it? how much more -- >> -- there was never any detente with putin. >> blank him and if he is slouching we will call him a slouch because is he. >> look, there is no you title n. doing that what's useful is focusing on policy and disagreement and not doing things that give him excuse. >> wait, wait, no. let me challenge. what do you mean there is no you title in doing it? there comes a point where you call out the school yard bully and you slap him around a little bit. that's what he did.
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>> only if he thinks that you are tough. let's go back and wind this back. obama comes into office oand the first thing he does is he stiffs our allies in the czech republic and poland over a missile defense system for europe and does so unilaterally with no consultation. putin looks amount at him and says he will stab his friends in the back. he is weak. i want to reset with you. i will send my secretary of state over with the little but ton from the reset button. wasn't that easy? he looks at him and says what are you doing? then he looks at him and says okay, the guy says gaddafi has got to go and takes no action. it's the french and brits who make him go. he is weak. two weeks ago he says bashar assad got to go. two years later is he still in power. he looks that the guy and says. putin looks at him and he is is he is weak. it's like the 90-pound
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>> bill: finally. >> it ain't going to happen. better not to do this. >> bill: now it's time for obama that call him out and slap him around verbally. >> i bet it hurt him deeply. i bet is he in fetal position crying because he has now been called a slouch in the back of the classroom. >> bill: putin is a little he takes it personally if you dishim. he will probably do something. it's over can't reason with putin anymore just call him out why you deal with putin is policy. feckless -- we can importune him and not being tough. >> bill: should we boycott the limps? that's tough. >> no, no, that's boycotting an international event. it's not boycotting -- putin could careless. >> bill: you don't want to say is he a sloucher. >> i agree with president obama's decision to say no
1:45 am
meeting with putin. i'm going to the b-20. meet in the context of the b-20. putin i'm not spending special time with you. it's not worth my time. >> that's not a punishment for putin it. he will take his shirt off and go out a shoot a tiger. he doesn't care. >> no. no. this on the international stage is a rebuke of putin that is a right and proper rebuke. that is being tough it. that's being the right way. >> bill: i like obama -- if i want to call him out verbal whether i it's it necessary to do it and then they can go to ranch and make up. >> if you are going to call him out, don't call him the slouch in the back of the room. take a policy disagreement and say with all due respect president putin is auto crated violating the rights of his people. >> with all due respect? >> destabilizing the middle east. >> bill: you can do that. also call him, look. this is what should happen. i think you will agree with
1:46 am
me here. president obama should put me in charge of insulting putin. he should rise above it. i will do it do you agree? , if the object is to insult type but if the object is to change his behavior and force. >> bill: you're not going to change his behavior. is he not going to change. is he going to give it to us every chance he gets. he is not going to change. >> yes, you can this is what we did with the soviets during the cold war. ronald reagan and his predecessors and successors kept focused on the policy differences and focused on the big issues and let the personal stuff go to the side. >> bill: i think putin is a blooter. karl rove everybody. >> that's good for you to say. not for the president. >> bill: i will tell you about my trip to it alaska. stay right there, rove. last week it was spectacular. and it was even danger involved. but coming next, president obama's vacation a little less stressful in alaska. we will take you live to march that's vineyard where the party has begun.
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the factor returns in just a few moments. test
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president obama on vacation in martha's vineyard. an affluent island off the coast of massachusetts. this is the fourth year the president stayed in a private home on the island. the first first lady, the two daughters and the family dog bo will all make the trip. and joining us now from the island of the swells, fox news white house correspondent. now, i've went going to martha's vineyard forever. i went there when it was like poor people on the island. now they've thrown them all out. the real estate is unbelievable.
1:51 am
when president obama first started going, remember, president clinton went up there as well. the reason they go is because a lot of democratic fund-raisers, big dems up there. they stay for free. so that's why the president is going, right? >> well, they don't actually stay for free. they rent the property. the reason they go is that the last two democratic presidents including president obama don't own or didn't, when they were in the white house, own their own vacation properties. remember, the past three republicans, bushes 41 and 43 and ronald reagan had large vacation homes in walker's point, kennebunkport, maine, president bush 43 had the ranch in texas and of course, ronald reagan had his ranch in san ysidro, california. all isolated places. easily controlleand they owned. the democrats for some reason didn't own their own places so they come here and they rent them. >> how much is president obama paying for rent?
1:52 am
how much is he paying for rent? >> well, i don't know how much he's paying. but the place is awful nice. $7 million. he did not come here in fact, last year. last year was the campaign of course. everybody teased him about not going on vacation in a campaign year. >> what i'm trying to say -- they never say how much they pay in rent. it is probably $2 or $3. you know what the game is. here's the problem. when the president goes to martha's vineyard, he takes a humongous amount of guys and gals with him. everybody goes. it is party time. >> especially this year know mr. obama is living in a community in a house that not as large and not on nearly as large a piece of property as was the place that he stayed in the first three years. so they've cut off the road to people who don't actually have houses on that road and forced some others to make a detour. now if that goes on for a while, that may wear out his welcome a
1:53 am
bit but so far we've seen no obama go home signs. >> so where is he staying -- >> outside the restaurant where he and the first lady went last night. >> all the personnel that go with them, they stay in hotels and guest houses across the island. they do pay and it costs the taxpayers an enormous amount of money. i don't know yes can't go with the secret service guys and 15 blackberries and bring what he wants. >> he brings his national security adviser because she briefs him every morning. >> they have cell phones. >> well, he is a she right now. that is susan rice. >> i'm confused. why do we need all these people at a taxpayer dime. why in. >> the president of the united states remains the president of the united states, even when he is on vacation. he must be able to fulfill all the duties of his office wherever he is. >> if i'm president, i'm not bringing all those guys and gals. i'm leaving them where they are. if you're president, bill,
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i'm surprised. >> everybody would be shocked. but when you see the president tomorrow, i know you'll probably be putting in a miniature golf course with him, tell him i want to insult putin. he doesn't have to do it. i'll take that job. >> i think he would be happy to let you have that job, bill. >> and i'm well qualified. we'll try to work that out. coming up next, i weapon to alaska last week. no big entourage and i
1:55 am
my trip to alaska last week. in a moment of first a bunch of thing to tell you about. incredibly we still have three nonfiction books in the top 25 killing lincoln. killing kennedy, almost a year, and keep it pithy going strong after three months is a best seller. if you become a premium member, you get lincoln and kennedy absolutely free of charge. in addition you get my upcoming book, killing jesus, out in september. free as well if you reup or sign up. now that's a great deal. i want to thank everybody out in nevada. november 15 completely sold out. second year in a row that happened. that leaves only jacksonville, florida, on october 12. however that show is 90% filled out. if you want to see us, you have to get on it. and miller is going to kill me for this. he and his wife have given a track wheelchair.
1:56 am
we have raised close to $9 million. get high-tech chairs to the vets who badly need them across the country. you can check all of this out on the site. i say we've raised it but you have really done it. so check it out. no mail tonight. i want to tell you about my trip to alaska. last week i traveled to the southeastern part of the state. that's glacier bay national park. it was the primary destination. the park has perhaps the most stunning scenery in the usa. i took a pointoon. out to the 250 wall of ice. on the way back, we saw a bunch of frolicking whales. that's not them. those are trekkers. not the whales. we were in the 50-degree water in a little boat and we saw the whales. then on the road from the hotel. okay. get off those guys. we don't need those guys. a big black bear popped out in
1:57 am
front of my car. had we been hiking, laura ingram might be here tonight. the bear looked at us, we looked at it, it quickly scampered back into the bush to do whatever it was they do in the bush. i don't want to know. also, we took a helicopter to the top of a mountain to go dog sled riding and i was pulling -- no, the dogs were puck me but i was directing the dogs. it was unbelievable. we were way up there and they were moving. they are the iditarod dogs. after that we all fainted. then we went back to skag way which is a very nice town. alaska a very nice place. there they go again! there they go again. they're lost. the weather is terrible in alaska so you have to be lucky and we were. every american should try to get up there. it is unique in the world. the folks in alaska, great. we posted more pictures and information about the trip on bill o' so the tip of the day is check
1:58 am
that out. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from bil o'riveillo'r. and word of the day, do not oblatrate. there's a little bit going on in alaska. i shut it right down. thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> it is august the 13th. we begin with tragedy at the ball field. a man plunges to his death falling 60 feet from the upper deck. what investigators are saying
1:59 am
could be to blame. >> another benghazi bombshell. explosive new reports this morning. huvens of u.s. missiles stolen and landing in the hands of our enemy. on the very same night othe attack. >> authorities say it saved thousands of lives. critics say it is racial profiling. a federal judge ruled new york city's controversial stop and sprint program a ruling some say could have a nationwide impact. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> the night is officially over. good morning to you and your
2:00 am
family. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i amhead heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. at a baltimore ballpark a man fell to his death at turner fie field. the victim fell some 65 feet from the upper level at the atlanta braves stadium and landed in the player's parking lot. the incident occurred during a two-hour rain delay. there's no indication of foul play. and the fall appears to just be a tragic accident. this is the second death. in 20ks 2008 a man fell down the stairs and died. >> hannah anderson's father speaking out for the first time after being rescued from his accused kidnapping james dimaggio. >> fory

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